Making the world our studio.

pathfinder: one that discovers a way; explores untraversed regions to mark a new route


Pathfinder Yoga Retreats is an active outdoor company passionate about combining self care and yoga with adventure and travel.  Bringing people and paradise together, we lead yoga retreats worldwide catering to the ultimate all-inclusive vacation while learning about new cultures and fostering community.

 We are based in Northern California offering Mobile Wellness such as private yoga classes and massage in the comfort of your home, for wedding parties, corporate events and special occasions in Northern California Wine Country. Our services are meant to bring a fun and relaxing retreat aspect to your event enriching the experience for all levels and ages.


We hope you can join one of our pop-up classes, weekend getaways or international retreats. If you would like to book our services on your personal retreat we promise your experience will be taken to the next level!

 Come on your own, with a partner, or friends and join the Pathfinder Yoga Family today. See you on our next adventure!

"Travel Light. Live Light. Spread the Light. Be the Light" ~ Yogi Bhajan

"Every morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." ~ Buddha